6 Notoriously Common Obstacles to Writing Faster

And easy ways to overcome them.

You will notice that the 6 points mentioned here are all age-old problems faced by writers. With just a little pondering by taking a step back and shifting to a lower gear, the answers get clearer. Let’s see them one-by-one.Continue Reading

Grammarly – An Ultimate Review of the Spelling and Grammar-Checking Tool


Here’s an ultimate review guide to the grammar checking tool, Grammarly. This has become one of the must-haves for every kind of writer. Read on to know the benefits and cautions while using Grammarly.

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7 Hacks to Beat Writer’s Block


You can never say when creativity strikes you. But when it does, you better be ready to respect it and record it. These 7 hacks help you overcome the common writers blocks and turn them into allies.

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An Analysis Of The Viral Factor In Marketing (Free PDF)

What makes a blog post or a video go viral on the net? If you zoom into the viral marketing psychology like zooming in detail into an image, you’ll see a link between every person who shares something with another – which when put together among 100000s of people is called as Viral Marketing.

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How to login when SumoMe badge is hidden (Four Ways explained)

Given here are four ways to login when SumoMe badge is hidden.

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